MODULAW Investigation(TM) is a comprehensive client/server software product for use by investigators, special investigation units and claims departments. It is a management and reporting system that automates the investigative process and enables a customer to monitor the status of each investigation from opening through disposition.

The accumulation of data in the MODULAW database allows for the identification of patterns and trends, which is often essential to a successful investigation.

MODULAW Investigation combines extensive tracking functions with powerful search capabilities. The system collates data from multiple electronic sources, as well as information collected manually by investigators. Detailed information is automatically summarized by MODULAW, satisfying internal and external reporting requirements.

INSLAW's MODULAW Investigation can interface with external investigative databases and operate in conjunction with complementary office automation technologies.

Because MODULAW investigation is designed specifically for investigators, it can be implemented as an off-the-shelf solution. Alternatively, MODULAW can be customized to address an organization's own data & workflow needs through the use of INSLAW's advanced applications development tools.


MODULAW Investigation Components:

Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Case and Claims Tracking
The Case and Claims Tracking component of MODULAW monitors the status of a claim investigation from referral to disposition. Users access case-related information captured in a centralized SIU database. MODULAW can also tracks SIU cases that have been referred to external enforcement agencies after the internal investigation has been closed.

Event Tracking
This segment of MODULAW tracks scheduled activities throughout the life of a case, as well as the history of actual events that have occurred. MODULAW provides on-line access to all event information by case, date, type of activity, and individual involved.

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Party and Alias Tracking
The segment of MODULAW tracks information about individuals and entities associated with an investigation. Parties can be identified by name, social security number, and date of birth. Related parties can be tracked to follow relationships between the primary party, such as the claimant, and other parties involved in the case.

Investigator and Vendor Assignments
This segment of MODULAW tracks all individuals and firms involved in the handling of an investigation. Assignment of internal staff investigators and support staff, as well as outside firms, can be tracked and monitored. If cases are transferred from one investigator to another, the system updates the case file to identify the person currently responsible.

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Investigation Expense Tracking
MODULAW provides an SIU with the ability to track time and expenses incurred during an investigation, including in-house and outside vendor expenses, such as fees billed by private investigators or attorneys and miscellaneous expenses.

MODULAW Investigation Results Tracking
The system tracks the outcomes of SIU investigations, including recommendations for payment or denials of claims, or referrals to outside agencies for further investigation.

Contact Directory
MODULAW's Contact Directory tracks investigation contacts and other resources. This independent component of the system can track contacts whether or not they are linked to a particular investigation.

Intelligence File
The SIU Intelligence File, another component of MODULAW, records information about known or suspected fraudulent parties or organizations, whether or not related to an active investigation.

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